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5 Major Digital Marketing Trends to Follow in 2021

Digital marketing is evolving to boost e-commerce businesses. Businesses need to adapt to the latest online marketing trends to ensure online customer acquisition. Digital marketing strategies can be divided into two parts. First can be based upon personalized content or what the customer’s see, second can be regarded as BTS or the technical aspects. Businesses need to select the best of two to improve their online marketing share.

Online shopping is increasing day by day. It is becoming competitive yet tough for businesses to restock inventories and meet all customer’s expectations. Customers have multiple options to choose from. Therefore, customer retention should be the ultimate focus. To retain existing customers, all businesses should follow the hot 2021 digital marketing trends to beat existing competitors.

Here is a list of 5 major digital marketing trends to adapt in 2021.

  • Inclusive Ads
  • Interactive Social Media Posts
  • Exclusive Business Listings
  • Voice Search Optimization
  • Sustainability

Inclusive Ads:

Businesses must be familiar with tailored marketing strategies for all customers. Similarly, the demand for comprehensive ads is increasing day by day. Due to current racial, religious and cultural discrimination, it is becoming complicated for businesses to market more strategically. Customers are becoming more concerned about the content of the ads. Ads that mislead people, or create public differentiation, are subject to negative comments. Therefore, it has become immensely important to put a focus on ad copies.

Businesses should hire marketing experts to write exclusive ad copies. They should hire professional digital marketing services to avoid additional conflicts and to improve their existing digital marketing position. Digital marketers are skilled at creating inclusive ads, covering all aspects and avoiding negative content.

Interactive Social Media Posts:

Social media is no more a pretty photo-sharing platform anymore. It has transformed into a complete e-commerce platform with a wide range of marketing opportunities for e-commerce brands. Instagram and Facebook are e-commerce giants. They are the biggest online customer acquisition platform. They offer various options for small brands to scale up their existing operations. Thus, social media posts should be planned concerning business objectives.

Social media users are more inclined towards posts that are interactive and engaging. The social media traffic is drawn towards those business pages that actively share fresh and relevant content, updating their followers about their products and services. Therefore, social media posts should be utilized to share product or service-related information quickly and interactively via short video clips. Instagram Reels is another tool that will take over the 2021 social media market.

Exclusive Business Listings:

Digital marketing is not limited to social media only. There are other technical factors involved to improve online marketing position, like SEO. SEO is part of SEM. It is a big marketing field that most customers are unaware of. But it helps in improving the brand position and perception in minds of the customers.

For instance, if a customer is looking for a pair of white shoes online, he is going to search for it on the most popular search engine, Google. If a business wants to acquire this customer it should have a website listed on Google and other business pages. Google Business Listing allows businesses to share complete and accurate information online so that customers can easily trust and contact them. Other than Google, there are lots of local business listing sites that all businesses should be familiar with. If not, then they should hire the best digital marketing services in town to integrate all SEO marketing practices as well.

Voice Search Optimization:

Research indicates that almost 50% of online customers conduct voice searches. This indicates a growing trend towards voice search. Thus, all e-commerce brands should share content in a conversational format. Such content has a greater probability to be listed on the top results page. This will generate more clicks, web traffic, and online conversions.


As part of a digital marketing strategy, there are somethings that customers see and some that they don’t. Some technical aspects like SEO and SEM are hidden techniques for customers. However, showing environmental, health or public concern is favourable. After a pandemic, people are more concerned about sustainability. Therefore, all brands should actively incorporate it as part of their digital marketing strategy to gain more share.

Digital marketing trends keep evolving with time. Businesses find it hard to keep an eye on the latest trends, thus hiring full-time digital marketers can assist them in growing online share.