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5 Surprising Uses of Magento E-commerce Platform

E-commerce businesses are looking for online e-commerce platforms that provide them with complete control and privacy over their respective store. Furthermore, businesses are interested in online customer insights, automatic report generation and lots of customized options. Magento users can easily avail themselves of these amazing benefits.

Magento is a free online e-commerce platform. It allows small businesses to scale up to big enterprises. It has a variety of tailored options for fresh content and web design and, it also connects with third-party applications. It is easy and affordable to use.

However, to make the most out of your free e-commerce platform, you need to hire a Magento web development company to fully utilize its potential. After getting the best services in town, you can enjoy this surprising Magento uses,

  • Customized and Responsive Web Designs
  • Faster Page Loading Speed
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Secured Payment and Product Management
  • Multiple Hosting Options

Customized and Responsive Web Designs:

All online stores need to grab their customer’s attention. It is not possible without investing in creative web designs and installing the best web plugins. But, Magento provides tons of customized web layouts, CSS options and online design assistance to attract the right traffic for quick sales.

Attractive e-commerce stores increase web traffic, daily visits and overall conversion rate. This helps in improving the SERP ranking. If your store is listed in the top results, there are more chances for gaining a bigger online market share. Thus, your web store should be elegantly designed and user-friendly to improve your SEO stats.

Faster Page Loading Speed:

Another important aspect of SEO is a fast-loading speed. Research shows that visitors quit a page if it does not load within three seconds. So, all online stores should be fully optimized to load before three seconds. Magento provides a fast page loading speed whenever there is a huge influx of online shoppers. Therefore, by availing of Magento web development services by a professional digital marketing company, you can boost your online sales.

Third-Party Integrations:

Magento web development is not the only amazing fact. Magento third-party app integration makes it the best choice. It allows online businesses to streamline their inventory and customer management. It facilitates businesses and improves the customer’s shopping experience.

App integrations are a useful way to track and market products. With the right app integration into the online store, businesses can track orders, shipments, customers and inventory data. Magento itself has a lot of pre-installed plugins and it also allows users to install or integrate third-party apps for a better user experience.

Secured Payment and Product Management:

Most customers are concerned about the security of online payments. Not all e-commerce platforms offer a variety of payment options. But, Magento offers more than 50 payment gateways. This means that customers have tons of payment options to choose from. This improves the customer’s online shopping experience and brand loyalty. Online store owners can easily access the customer’s transaction history and report any payment issues.

For e-commerce businesses, Magento has a complete, secured and customized product management system as well. Within clicks, they can update product descriptions, images, prices and other product details. You can easily add or remove new products.

Multiple Hosting Options:

Magento is a free source online platform for all e-commerce business owners. However, it requires developmental expertise to run efficiently. If you run a small e-commerce store, you should be looking for a professional web design and development company to help choose the best hosting plan for you.

Magento offers a variety of hosting options. But not all of them are free. So, it is on you, whether you want to save your costs or get the best hosting service. Magento has managed and unmanaged hosting plans. If you have technical expertise present you should opt for an unmanaged plan as it does not offer any extra services. However, if you want a complete hosting package with malware scanning and automatic backups it is recommended to get the managed hosting plan.

Hence, Magento itself can not do the magic until you hire the experts to utilize its amazing features. Therefore, hiring the best Magento web development company in town is preferred.