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An Effective Social Media Strategy For Online Brands

Social media is the new era of digital marketing. Digital marketing has replaced the conventional marketing techniques, however, some brands still operate on traditional methods as required by their business model. Others are benefiting from digital marketing and specifically social media marketing.

What exactly is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is also known as SMM. It involves the usage of social platforms to market a brand or a product. Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, and YouTube marketing are emerging for branding. These social channels are used specifically for branding purposes. For instance, a textile company aiming to sell its products online to a wider target market by facilitating online payments can be labelled as an e-commerce firm. For an e-commerce firm, social media marketing is the best option to generate sales along with establishing an online presence.

How social media marketing helps in branding?

Branding is all about making people aware of your brand’s existence, and make them remember it for a long time. How do people remember your brand? People can easily remember things they see quite often, like social posts on Facebook or Instagram, therefore, posting quite often on the two social platforms will make people aware of your existence and your product range.


What to post on social platforms?

As an online store or an e-commerce firm, the initial postings should encompass brand awareness posts like the brand name, the company slogan, its’ services, and the variety of products it offers to the target market. The logo should be placed on each post shared on social media to make viewers aware of the brand name.

The second stage will encompass all product-based images to inform people about the availability of the products that they can order online from the company’s official website. Every online store has a website, with details of its’ products, along with its’ pictures, and prices. It helps the visitors to place online orders that can be tracked digitally. Therefore, to motivate people to visit the website can be done by social media marketing.

Later, any special offers, coupons, or discounts can be marketed on social platforms to get some hype to increase the total orders.

How to advertise on social media?

Social media can be used for sharing posts and videos, however, the main objective may vary with time. Some online brands might require ads to increase their brand awareness, some might want to increase their social presence, some might want to boost their social engagement while others might want to inform about the new product's availability. For such objectives, different ads can be run on Facebook and Instagram to gain positive results. The best benefit of social media marketing is that the results are guaranteed. Hence, making social media marketing a great tool for online businesses to promote their products and increase sales online.
The best social media strategy for online brands:
An effective social media strategy for online brands is to post the right post at the right time to the right people. For that few things need consideration, like

  • The page audience
  • The best posting time
  • The top demanded products
  • The most liked posts
  • The type of content
  • The call to action

Considering Facebook and Instagram for social media marketing services, all the above-mentioned bullets can be tracked easily. The page audience and activity time can help in deciding the best posting time and content. If it is an odd time it can be scheduled with the help of the Creator Studio, which helps in scheduling multiple posts for both Facebook and Instagram. Similarly, page analytics help in examining the type of content and post most liked by the page audience. Generally, videos or GIFs should be shared the most for engagement purposes.

Lastly, all posts should have a call to action, a buying link in the post description to get more information from the official website. This also helps people to get to know about the other products as well, resulting in a much bigger order than expected.
Thus, social media marketing is a vast field with various objectives that can be met from time to time with relevant strategies and proves to be the best for online brands.