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Some Great Modern Marketing Tactics

All businesses rely on marketing for their profitable business sales. In 2020, marketing is evolving with digitalization. It means that marketing is not only limited to persuading people to buy a particular good or commodity, instead, but it also incorporates minimizing total costs while integrating departments to work on a final strategic marketing plan for business growth. Collaborations, influencers, PRs, promotions all have become part of modern marketing. Survey results highlight the importance of modern era marketing, showcasing innovative, creative social ads, print designs, and physical advertisements.

Modern marketing is all about digital marketing experts. This sector has boomed for years and boosted companies' sales over a few months. The return on digital marketing is much higher as compared to traditional services. Due to the promising social media results and customer friendly options, many big organizations have incorporated and set up an in-house department for digital marketers to get business drive more revenue. Almost 80% of brands use digital marketing as the main source of revenue stream as it cuts at least 20-30% of the marketing costs. The growth probability is high for businesses using digital marketing. Here are some growth tips for modern marketers;

  • Collaboration
  • Customization
  • Returns


A successful marketing campaign involves data analytics, strategic planning, and joint implementation. These can be achieved if the whole team works together or collaborate towards a successful digital campaign. Working collaboratively not only increase the chances of creative ideas, clears misconceptions and improves the working environment, it also enables all to workers to collectively think as the main stakeholder and how could it benefit the company at the end. It also incorporates healthy criticism which polishes the creative thinking of the marketing team and also every department head can provide an insight into their related field for achieving the ultimate goal. Small corporations require more flourishing ideas for business development and lead generation they can do so by engaging all employees towards a common campaign goal, say, for instance, to sell a house. If this cooperative strategy is applied by the real estate digital marketers, it would help in selling the house to the best online client.



Modern marketing is all about you, you mean the clients, the customers, and the target market. Highlighting the “you” factor on social media or digital ads increases the probability of interaction or customer engagement. Customers are more inclined towards those ads that demonstrate the solution to their problem or highlight their ultimate desire. If such an approach is planned for marketing perspectives, it would attract more audience and will eventually increase social engagement and total sales. If an add I highlighting the area of a house with the number of bedrooms available, it ensures that those clients will contact the agency who require those specific demands. This customization tactic will benefit the real estate digital marketing campaign.

It should be remembered that most businesses are providing the same services to the same target market, therefore the point of difference can only be if one of them specifies it directly to the target market while highlighting their unsaid demands in a creative yet simple manner. This increases the chances for understanding, trust and lead generation. Hence, simple yet customized designs while conveying the message in a creative yet precise manner is a great marketing tactic.


Remembering the goal is important but the key is to work for it. It means that measuring the return on investment is also essential while planning for a marketing campaign. Nowadays, digitalization has eased up the costing process and results are estimated and guaranteed in advance. However, it is equally important to measure the alternative returns of investing digitally. Research shows that companies have found digital ads the best solution for increasing total revenues and have in-built separate departments for digital handling, small and medium enterprises can not set them up in-house as it requires a high investment but outsourcing them is the best alternative. Any firm can outsource a digital agency for improving its current sales. Therefore, it becomes obligatory for all digital marketing service providers to work on the company’s returns beforehand.

It is essential to understand the importance of continuous monitoring, and evaluation of strategies, to improve the wrong gone status. Thus, marketers must carefully examine the posts that are advertised online, and how many of them are working in the company’s favor and which are lacking behind. This analysis will benefit to improve next advertisement post designs. It also assists in providing an insight into the customer taste and preferences for the current business idea. Customer insights or data analysis is another important tip while making strategic plans for business growth.