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The Ultimate Guide about the Future of ASO

App store optimization is the process of gaining visibility in the play store results. There are millions of apps available on Google Play Store and Apple iOS. It is very competitive to promote your newly developed app among those results. Hence, taking the use of app store optimization, this process has become a lot easier.

What is App Store Optimization (ASO)?

App store optimization is somewhat similar to search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is all about making your web appear in the top results whenever a person searches for specific industry-related keywords. Similarly, ASO works in the same way. Whenever a user searches the play store, he is provided with a list of best results according to his search query. If your app is relevant to that query your app will appear as well. But this is unlikely to happen with such several free apps widely available on the app store. You need to do an ASO to boost your app ranking.

Benefits of ASO:

As you are aware of the competitive app market, you might be wondering to take an insight into the benefits of app store optimization. Here it goes:

  1. Increased Visibility
  2. App Discovery
  4. Revenue

Increased Visibility:

No matter whatever app you develop. Whether it is new, creative, interactive, amazing, or equipped with the best graphics. You can not get it to the public or make it visible without app store optimization. It will get lost in with other numerous apps.

App Discovery:

Making it visible is one aspect of app store optimization. What if it is made visible but not the right audience? This means you lack optimization planning. You need to get it optimized from the best app store optimization agency. Such agencies help in making your app discovered by the right target market, who are looking for such apps to download.


When your app appears in front of the right target market, they will download it for sure. When people are looking for apps in the play store, that is because they want to avail that service. So when your app appears in front of those in search of that app, it will get downloaded. This is all part of the right keyword search and app store marketing strategies.


The entire model revolves around revenue generation from apps installation. Therefore, when your app is properly optimized for each play store and is getting multiple downloads that is a victory. You can multiply your revenue earned if you focus on adding some paid services, subscriptions offer or include certain ads in your app as well.

This whole process is known best for revenue generation. If you focus on getting it promoted with social media ads or other stuff, that is a good approach too but it costs a bit. It is financially feasible to boost your app visibility, ranking, and conversion rate with the help of organic ASO results.

Furthermore, let us now focus upon some great ranking factors that will help in your app optimization process.

  1. Keyword Research
  2. App Descriptions
  3. Ratings and Reviews

Keyword Research:

You might be aware of the fact that there are almost 5 million apps available on both play stores. All of them are competing for mostly the same keywords and target market. Therefore, it is recommended to focus on the least competitive yet industry-relevant keywords. Such keywords are known as long-tail keywords. These keywords have a relatively low competition volume that helps in the ranking process.

App Descriptions:

After identifying the right keywords for your targeted audience, it is best to optimize your app content as well. App content comprises the app name and app descriptions as well.

The app name needs to be relevant to your service and easy to remember. It should include certain keywords as well. But there is a limit for the title characters as well. Similarly, the app description has a character limit of 4000 characters. This means you have the right space to market your app including certain keywords as well.

Most people who do not avail of optimization services from the best agencies fail to use it efficiently. Dumping all keywords in the app description section will not help in your downloads. App descriptions need to be properly formatted and structured for the readers. It should then incorporate relevant keywords accordingly.

If this section is left empty or unappealing to the mobile users, it would not benefit your app as well. So, optimize it professionally.

Ratings and Reviews:

The most important part of any business model is public reviews. People are easily persuaded by what other users have to say about the service. Before experiencing a service themselves, they focus on the reviews of the previous customers.

Similarly, apps need positive reviews and ratings as well. Research indicates that almost 80% of all mobile users refer to the latest reviews and ratings of the old users before installing an app. Therefore, your app should be frequently, positively reviewed by all your app users along with good star ratings.

There is another approach to getting reviews as well. You can ask your users to review it once they have finished a task on your app. This automatic suggestion has the likelihood of gaining reviews. However, you can not push hard on such tactics. Forcing them to review not or frequently is not a preferred approach for app marketing.


As the article states, app store optimization is not an option it is a necessity these days. If you are planning to introduce a local app for your market say Toronto, you need to avail ASO services as well. There are many good app store optimization services in Toronto that will help you improve your app ranking in the play stores.