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Top 3 Digital Marketing Strategies for Businesses in COVID-19

Corona outbreak has affected globally. There are almost 600,00 corona cases in the US and the number of unemployed has also increased within days. People are losing jobs due to a wide shutdown and the stock market is unstable. Businesses are losing clients but digital marketers are searching for the new ones. Pro-active planning is required to cater to all economic shocks left by COVID-19. Therefore, here are some interesting digital marketing strategies that can help you recover your business after the virus ends.

  1. Free Directory Listings
  2. Posting Local Citations
  3. Google My Business


Free Directory Listings:

Directory listing is just like adding your business information on online directories to reach more audiences. To market your business to a specific target market or your business niche, directory listing is very common among all digital marketing agencies.

 A directory listing on famous directory websites can become a great source of top-quality online traffic. Adding your business listing to Yellow Pages will make your business ahead of your competitors. It only requires to fill the form or submit your website link in those free directories to promote your business so that people can easily become aware of it. Moreover, it is a great source of spreading the word of mouth as your customers can also share their reviews, and testimonials that may attract potential leads as well. Therefore, correct and complete information with good reviews will help you recover from COVID-19 business loss.

Local Citations:

Sharing links on different sites is a common SEO strategy adopted by many digital firms, similarly, directory listing is another form of business promotion, however, listing your business locally by sharing complete contact details is known as local citations. Citations can be in the form of a web link or a complete business address without any hyperlink. It is a source of generating foot traffic to your business, therefore, sharing a complete and accurate address on a blog or a site is important.

In case of wrong business information, Google reviews may be affected thus reducing business reputation locally. For instance, your business is located in Toronto and a digital marketing agency in Toronto is managing your digital marketing, therefore, all local citations will be on websites, social profiles, or blogs based in Toronto to engage local traffic. This marketing tactic can be used to increase your local market share after the pandemic.


Google My Business:

Google my business or GMB is another free listing site where all businesses can be promoted will detail information including, timings, locations, and reviews. Most local customers find it easy to search on Google for nearby service providers, therefore, if your business is not listed on Google it would not appear on the top. To be listed on the top results it needs to be optimized and all details should be filled out.

GMB is a prioritized source of audience analysis. It can help marketers to understand the type and number of audience visiting profiles and websites. This helps in evaluating web traffic. Also, with the help of this, you can share a link with your customers to fill out some positive reviews as 50% of customers are influenced by positive ratings on Google Local Pack. Hence, proving to be a great digital marketing tactic to gauge local market.

Digital marketing is the only business booming in this economic crisis. Many consumer products and service providers are relying on digital marketing to increase sales as it is completely lockdown outside. Therefore, it will have a huge impact on the long-run affecting the marketing trends in the coming years. Businesses investing in digital marketing will survive and flourish if they adopt these three strategies to boost incoming local sales.