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What is the Best Fit PPC Marketing Strategy?

Most businesses must be aware of PPC as it is the most important component of digital marketing. PPC stands for Pay Per Click. It is a self-explanatory term referring to the amount that is deducted only when a person clicks the ad link. PPC ads are run for different businesses that want to boost their sales, brand name, or improve their lead generation.

The three main objectives of PPC campaigns revolve around search engine marketing. All PPC ads are posted on top search engines like Google and Bing that generate a good ROI. Numerous companies want their ads to be listed on top of search results they do so by bidding the highest price on their keywords or, the target market.

To run a PPC ad campaign, there are three things to be considered, your target market, your keyword selection, and the search engine. For instance, you want to promote your online shopping store selling branded shoes. You will identify the most relevant keywords to your target market. It means that you will identify your target market, profile them to look for the top keywords they will enter while searching for branded shoes available online. It is also essential to know what search engine your target market uses to shop for online shoes so that you may run a PPC campaign there. The most common search engines are Google and Bing.

Furthermore, bidding for the keyword is another important concern. It is a competitive market, thus the one who pays the most gets the ultimate ad position. In PPC terms this bidding process is known as an auction. It involves two winning strategies that are bidding the highest price per keyword or, selecting the most converting keywords. Thus optimizing your keyword research is vital.

PPC is not an ordinary skill that anyone can test try for his business. Instead, a PPC expert is required to meet the company’s objectives while minimizing costs. Many agencies are offering affordable PPC services as well, otherwise, hiring a PPC expert is an alternate.

Whether you outsource or hire an expert, to get the most out of your PPC campaign is important to analyze the strategic importance of all its terms, which are listed below

  • Keywords
  • Ad Copy
  • Landing Pages


To run an effective campaign, researching the best fit keyword for your target market and your product or service is equally important. There are many ways to decide on your PPC keywords. For instance, you have a variety of keywords to target that have a huge search volume however, you will select only those that actually convert. In easier words, your keywords should be optimized for your campaign objective. Another option is to create an ad group that groups the ads targeted for a specific product or the keywords.

Ad Copy:

It is designed to persuade the audience to buy the product or service. To boost sales, the ad copy should include important keywords that relate to your product. It should incorporate the benefits that people will obtain by buying your products and services. Bragging about your product is not always a good idea. The intention should be to educate them while highlighting reviews or testimonials to build trust. Then sharing product images with specifications can help convert leads to potential customers. Content writing for ad copy can be conducted in-house or by outsourcing a PPC company to meet all marketing requirements.

Landing Pages:

Having a web is essential to run a PPC campaign. It directly leads your clicks to your web page that you have assigned for that ad. For example, to boost branded shoe sales, you run a PPC ad that takes the customer to that specific page which later helps in converting sales. A web page where customers directly land by clicking a link is known as a landing page. It can be a home page, a product page, or a separately designed web page for a particular PPC campaign.

It is an ideal practice to design separate web pages for new campaigns that people can relate to according to the ad campaign. Specific keywords and ad copy can be included in that page which also helps in improving the overall SEO of the website. Having a user-friendly web page or a landing page helps in ranking the website on all search engines, this makes the bidding process easier. Thus, separately designed landing pages help the PPC campaign to run effectively.

There are many points to consider while deciding on a PPC strategy, however, the ideal thing is to stay updated according to the latest trends and search queries. Monitoring is another important stage for your PPC campaign. If you are running a PPC ad and not evaluating the results regularly, that you would not be aware of what keywords are performing well or not. To invest in the right, converting keywords it is essential to monitor and analyze the results daily. Maybe you will get a lead if you alter your keywords and target the right ones.

Hence, it can be concluded that the right PPC strategy varies depending on your target market needs, keywords, the search engine, your ad copy, and your landing pages. Researching and revising the keywords is important to minimize costs and improve ROI.