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Why Email Marketing Is Important in 2020?

Businesses are going digital. Small to big organizations are looking for cost-effective ways to boost client interaction and acquisition. The widely recommended model is to use digital marketing. Digital marketing tools vary in nature and results.

Digital marketing is not only about social media marketing or running online ads. It is far beyond that. Have you ever noticed ads of your favourite product while scrolling online? Have you ever received an offer email from an organization that you have recently subscribed to? This all matters in digital marketing. Firms are looking for the best digital marketing tools to optimize their results. Therefore, selecting useful digital techniques and adapting them according to your business model will help in improved results.

Let us assume that you are the marketing manager of an e-commerce store selling sports equipment. Your senior manager has asked for a digital strategy to increase customer’s website time while increasing the number of online orders. What do you think is the most important step to take while acquiring old and potential customers without spending any additional amount on social media ads? The answer is email marketing!

What is Email marketing?

Email marketing is all about sending the right emails to the right target market at the right time to take a particular action. Suppose you want to increase your web traffic without spending any additional costs. You will first consider the best possible cost-effective solution to inform your regular customers to visit your website for new products. This can be done by sending targeted emails to old customers.

Every business has a list of their loyal customer’s contact information for marketing purposes. The easiest of all is to gather all of their email addresses and send them a well-designed yet informative email with a call to action to click the website. This can be done by using various email marketing online services, like Mail Chimp. It makes it easy to design a customized email for different target markets. Otherwise, this can be outsourced from the best email marketing service providers.

Why is it Important in 2020?

2020 is all about digital marketing. Due to COVID-19, many businesses have transformed their marketing models to online marketing. Businesses have analyzed the importance of having an online presence, a website, a social media profile, and the essence of running online ads. This all seems meaningful until positive results are generated at the end. However, if the return on investment is not appropriate then it is considered to shift the marketing strategy.

Having an email marketing service will help you save money and target a specific niche for a specific campaign. Emails help in analyzing what your audience wants. How many of them are clicking on the links shared in the email? How many are unsubscribing from the emails? This all can be easily tracked by a comprehensive email marketing software.

You can test two different email marketing campaigns at the same time. Yes, it seems like an effective remedy to calculate your CTR. This is known as A/B testing. This testing includes running two different email campaigns for the same target audience to check what sort of responsive each email gets.

For instance, you are planning to increase your e-store web traffic by sending emails to your regular customers you can identify which email gets a better response. Sample 1, includes an email with a lot of graphics, a list of new items, a detailed subject line with many punctuation marks and multiple headings. Sample 2, comprises of a customized subject line, with just one prominent word that increases its opening chances. A simple yet elegantly designed email with a tailored call to action and a link directed towards the product page will assist more than sample 1.

The results can be reviewed in the software that which the sample gets the most clicks and how many customers are acquired from each sample. Later, that sample can be selected to be forwarded to the rest customer list for a positive response.

Sometimes, stuffing the subject line with different symbols or punctuation marks will automatically send the email in the spam folder, reducing the chances of getting viewed.

However, there are still certain tips that can be followed to increase the chances of email clicks,

  • Include short subject lines
  • Schedule emails for optimized results
  • Share free guides or ebooks

Include short subject lines:

As mentioned above, emails with long, spammy subject lines are less likely to be viewed compared to short, intriguing subject lines that make the customer open the entire email. Usually, unprofessional subject lined emails are sent to junk or spam folder and might not be viewed by the customer for a long time.

Schedule emails for optimized results:

Designing and sending emails is not a free time task. It requires a proper plan and a strategy as well. If you know what your customers are looking for and you have the spark to persuade them to visit your website the selecting the right content strategy is recommended.

Content creation and design are equally important as the sending time. For instance, your customers might not be checking emails after 8 pm, or most of them might be checking them early in the morning. Identifying the best time and writing appropriate email content might trigger an impact on your marketing plan. Therefore, sending emails to targeted time is vital. This can be done by scheduling it for a specific time.

Most organizations providing email marketing services have the software for scheduling hundreds of emails on a specific time for the selected audience. Therefore, taking assistance from the experts on such matters is reasonable.

Share free guides or ebooks:

Drafting emails with the targeted content and providing value to the reader helps in customer acquisition. Suppose you want your loyal customers to stay in touch with after purchase of a treadmill. You can share a free ebook or a sports guide defining the best possible workouts to be carried on a treadmill.

Sharing informative content with your customers will develop a bond and a credible relationship with your brand that will help you in the long-term. Similarly, all brands or businesses should ponder upon sharing free informative, valuable content with their potential customers to transform them into leads and loyal customers.


The concept of marketing is evolving over time. Small to medium firms are adopting an online marketing model to acquire more leads. Some do not have enough resources to spend on online ads therefore they opt for more feasible solutions like email services.

Email marketing is a great and effective tool to measure your marketing performance and customer response on time. It helps in lead generation and maintaining a positive relationship with your customers as well. Thus, adopting the right marketing strategy, conducting different email tests, scheduling it for the best time, and providing valuable content will help in getting a positive response. That response can be measured and evaluated for future email marketing campaigns.