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Why Mobile App Development is Important for Branding?

Branding is all about making your business distinctive from your competitors. It means personifying your business so that your customers can relate to it. It is not just differentiation it is about providing attributes to your brand that your target audience can resonate with. Branding does not need to be rigid in nature. It is relatable, it allows empathy. Does your target audience resonate with your brand whenever they see your logo?

Consider an example of Nike. Nike is athletics, authentic, and performance-oriented. People buying Nike are aware of their brand values. They know that all shoes are there to provide the best athletic performance in the most original way possible. It is not a symbol of leisure shoes or party wear. Its function is to provide the best results.

Whenever someone sees Nike’s logo they get to know it’s a sports brand and all sports lovers love it for the reason. So what is your brand value? How your customers recognize your brand and relate it to themselves? Is your brand providing enough importance and facilities to your customers? How do you interact with your customers?

Considering you as a healthcare professional or a fitness coach, your job is to provide value and guide your customers to market your brand. If you are all focusing on social media and other paid channels to make your services popular among the audience it is fair enough. How about when they go offline? When they do not feel like opening your website for more information or knowing more about your services? Do you post regularly on social media about your services or packages? The answer is a big, NO.

Social networks and other online channels are all good for digital marketing when one has access to it. How about developing a separate platform where your entire services, or products are listed featuring the latest news, blogs, and customer’s reviews. This can be done by mobile app development.

What is Mobile App Development?

Developing a mobile app for your business purpose to facilitate your loyal customers to interact and get to know about your latest services is the ideal marketing solution. If you daily upload a new fitness or health video on youtube and want to share it on a separate platform you can do so by sharing in your app.

Developing a mobile app might seem a bit tough. It is though, but it can be outsourced by some mobile app development company. Many digital marketing agencies are providing such developmental services that are related to your website as well.

If you have a website and want to feature all of its content on a separate platform that can be easily accessed from any device, then a mobile app is recommended. There are many benefits of having a mobile app for your business,

  • Easy to access
  • Interactive interface
  • Ideal for location access

Easy to access:

Yes, mobile apps are easy to access. They can be accessed by anyone anywhere and on almost all devices. Whether you own an iPhone, Andriod, or any other gadget, having a mobile app makes accessibility easy and quick.

Consider an example of Youtube. Almost everyone uses it for gaining knowledge and insights. They know it can be accessed by entering a specific URL. However, when people are using mobile phones they do not open web pages as often as they do so on their laptops. They prefer downloading and installing specific useful apps that they use frequently. YOutube is one of them.

Maybe people might not be opening it once a day they might open in twice a week but they do have it installed for quick and easy access. Similarly, if you have a targeted fanbase, or a group of people or community following your daily health tips, fitness videos or nutrition insights, you should get a mobile app developed for ease of access.

It also increases the chances of getting viewed more frequently than on a website. All web information is updated on a single platform that can be loaded without the internet as well.

Interactive interface:

Similar to web responsiveness, mobile apps are also very responsive. They should be responsive enough to load on every sort of device for a better experience. People will be downloading your app just to gain a better, quicker, and effective user experience. Therefore, design and development must be synced for optimized usability.

Such factors help in mobile app ranking as well in app stores. For instance, your app is loading quickly, switches fastly to different pages, videos are easy to view and download for later use and all services are mentioned categorically. The call to action is clear, web links are present and all contact details are also included. This provides the best user experience as expected. Also, if your mobile app is loading and operating without ads, that is the best thing. Such factors help in positive customer reviews and your app might rank in the top search results of the app store.

This will help people download your app in case they require any health evaluation or daily tips. Your brand value will be promoted. Your app with your brand name and logo will be on hundreds of devices, assigning a brand stamp on every customer you have. This will promote your brand presence and awareness to multiple non-users who might think to install and give it a try.

Ideal for location access:

Sometimes GPS and camera permissions are required while installing an app from a play store. This aids in location targeting and devising marketing campaigns as well. For instance, you have your health clinic or a fitness center in Toronto and want your locals to be aware of its presence, timings, and offers. The GPS installed in your mobile app will help gather the location data of your users that you or your digital marketing agency might help in planning future campaigns.

Mobile apps provide such features that prove useful for targeting. However, it might not be possible for a fitness coach or a health expert to use that data as effectively as an experienced marketer may use. Hence, it would be ideal to let your mobile app developed and managed by a mobile app development company in Toronto.

This way it will become easy to target locals and users for a better app experience and promoting brand name in the local market.


 Almost everyone owns a mobile phone. There is a probability of promoting your brand name or business easily by developing a mobile app that can be easily accessed and installed by your users. However, it must be of value to your customers. The best value can be to provide a fast, easy, and low space consuming app that boosts the overall operational performance. This will help you in getting in touch with your customers, converting and informing them of upcoming events for brand promotion.